Saturday, November 21, 2009

Pioneer Woman Cookbook Signing

I've been following for the last several months.  I bought her cookbook.  It has a number of things that will continue to keep meat on your bones (preferred in my family).  At any rate, she came to the Mall of America today and I took the rare opportunity to go all by myself.  Plan was to wait hopefully for about an hour and then get some Xmas shopping done.  The lines were crazy.  I waited 45 minutes and moved about 10 feet.  I had decisions to make.

Her husband, Marlboro Man, was doing his own signing in a different line.  These are her two little boys.  I was waiting patiently in line and was next when the two little guys started some boxing, which lead to face squeezing.  MM continued his signing when the boys took to drawing on their faces with pens.   I was sort of tongue-tied, but I managed to squeak out that there was drawing.  Oh how I wish I would have taken a picture of that. 

There was filming for a reality TV show called Mall Cops.  There were a couple of film crews following the various security guards. 

I had to make a decision.  Wait in line the entire amount of free time that I had, or settle for a photo and run.  I decided to take the picture and get my shopping done.

The signing was supposed to be done around 3.  This was the line at 3:30!  I still would have liked to have gotten her signature, but at least I was part of the event.

I still get a little excited to see this skyline.

In the end, my book has at least one autograph.